Siyamart Parking Trees (Pvt) Ltd is an innovative automated parking solutions provider specializing in design, engineering, fabrication, installation, start-up and training of service staff.
As pioneers of the automated parking solution providers, SPT is dedicated to providing the expanding market with innovative solutions by developing products and services with the highest standards of quality, dependability, innovation and corporate ethics.
We strive to present best value for our clients by developing and delivering most innovative solutions.
We will exceed their expectations by understanding their needs and dedicating ourselves to find the most appropriate solutions with shortest delivery time.

Siyamart Parking Trees (Pvt) Ltd strives to be the "TOP CAT" in providing the most efficient, convenient and safe automated parking solutions to the nation in most ecological manner.

Promote and introduce innovative automated parking solutions to the nation with a view to practice sustainable development of Sri Lanka towards to the "New Era" through our campaign of "Country before Profits" concept.