SPT Automated Parking Systems

Automated Parking Systems 

The need

More population tends to live in cities and by 2030 more than 60% of the world's population will live in cities. It creates the need for these cities to improve their infra-structure facilities and become more innovative in providing quality living standards and services for enhanced life styles of city dwellers in an ecological sound manner. Currently cities use more than 75% of energy produced and create more than 80% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Every day city vehicles are on never ending parking hunts emitting exhaust fumes and polluting air. One way to reduce carbon footprint of cities is by reducing this maddening hunt for parking. An abundance of automated parking systems means fewer cars on the roads, less congestion, more protected trees and cleaner air for every one.

Siyamart Parking Trees (SPT) provides unparallel convenience of always available parking space in a high-tech parking tree.
More than a high-tech convenience, Siyamart Parking Trees automated parking systems make efficient use of space and allow easy entrance and exit for drivers.

Amazing automated parking.
Simply drive into the entry way, leave your car on the waiting platform, step out and watch it disappear to the lower and or upper storage levels. To retrieve your vehicle, swipe the parking ticket and it re-appears within two minutes for easy exit.

SPT fits where a conventional parking structure simply would not. The systems can integrate with existing infrastructures. SPT Automated Parking Solutions are easy to install or re-locate.

Little or no structural changes needed to be made to existing buildings Systems are delivered as pre-fabricated components and assembled on site Excavation costs are kept to a minimum; space, lighting and power requirements are reduced Noise insulation is no longer a necessity No need for energy-intensive ventilation, as vehicles are not being driven into facility Reliable technology, manufactured for high tolerance and has few moving parts reducing maintenance costs Optimize usage of space Automated parking systems not only save space but it also saves time and energy too.

Safe & secure
Drivers collect their cars from secure waiting areas and personal risk is reduced Parking is simple - no difficult parking or frustration searches for a space or a parked vehicle Since no one enters the parking tree other than vehicles, it virtually eliminates vandalism, dents, scratches, or theft. No personal danger of having to walk down dark aisles while looking for your car.

It frees up space for more residential and industrial parks Automated parking significantly reduces noise, fumes, and other pollutants. Automated parking decrease the cost of extra ventilation and lighting found in conventional parking garages. Vehicles are not driven through the system, resulting in fewer emissions Provides credit towards the LEED Green Building Rating System for obtaining the certificate Less pollution, no exhaust fumes driving up and down aisles on parking hunt.

SPT Services

  • analysing the actual state of the parking system at site.
  • Design and installation
  • offers for repair and renovation
  • repair work of the parking system
  • service work of the parking system
  • upgrade of the parking system
  • assistance with service staff for checks by public bodies in case of local requirements.

Efficient, Easy entrance & exit

Consumer Benefits –Safe, Secure and Convenient
  • No one enters the car - personal belongings are secure
  • No scratches, dents or dings
  • Reduced fuel cost - no running to hunt parking spaces
  • Operation is simple, no need for parking attendant.
  • Fast retrieval time, generally within two minutes.
  • Extremely safe and reliable with safety sensors and optional automatic gates.
  • No walking in dark alleys looking for your car.

Ground breaking advantages –Maximize land utilization
  • More parking spaces than conventional parking
  • Parking spaces can be created where previously impossible
  • Dust free erection than the conventional construction of a parking garage

Improve customer parking experience
  • Enhanced experience of automated parking system from conventional parking garage

Environmentally friendly
  • Consistent with "Green Building" requirements
  • Save land and trees than construction of conventional parking garage
  • Eliminate harmful emissions
  • Save energy-open to space – additional lighting not required

Reduce Infrastructure cost
  • Limits underpinning , excavation cost
  • Less site preparation cost
  • Reduce labour cost
  • Able to re-locate at minimal cost when expansion of business