SPT Automated Parking Systems
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automated Parking?
SPT Automated Parking System is the process of storing and retrieving of vehicles by utilizing the latest robotic shuttle and vertical lift transfer technology to eliminate the need to parking ramps, driveways and public ingress/egress access to the facility.

How many vehicles can be stored in a Parking Tree?
It depends on the model of the of Siyamart Parking Tree chosen. SPT Automated Parking Systems provide the parking solution for storing a large volume of vehicles in a very condensed space, which is typically a 3 to 1 ratio when compared to the standard parking garage or parking lot but is very dependent on how many floors are designed into the specific structure.

What benefits are there to using Automated Parking?
In addition to the smaller building size and increased parking capacity, SPT Automated Parking System virtually eliminates vandalism, theft, weather damage, misplaced vehicles and a valet type experience when parking your vehicle.

What does it cost to operate a SPT Automated Parking System?
This of course varies on the quantity of vehicles stored and the number of levels, lifts and robotic shuttles designed into the customers. With the elimination of parking attendants, heating, cooling and lighting requirements for public access the cost to operate is relatively low and primarily is derived from power draw for the lift and shuttle operations.

How long does it take for the SPT Automated Parking Systems to retrieve a vehicle?
The time to retrieve a vehicle is dependent on its location in the structure, quantity of lifts designed into the system and which of the various entry/exit configurations that are used, some of which include a vehicle turn table system to rotate the vehicle 180 degrees prior to storage so the driver does not need to back up and turn when exiting the structure. On average it takes 150 seconds to retrieve a vehicle, but this time can be virtually transparent when the request for your vehicle is made from within the office/condo/building complex.

How do I retrieve my vehicle in SPT Automated Parking System?
There are several options for this. Each SPT Automated Parking System can be outfitted with various types of prepaid access card readers, tied in with building access card systems or a pay as you park scenario. When the request is made, the signal is made to the robotic shuttle on the necessary floor and transfers your vehicle to the closest open lift to bring the vehicle to ground level. At that point the ground robot shuttle transfers the vehicle to the Entry/Exit module for the driver to retrieve.

Why should I choose SPT Automated Parking System?
Our system is the only one designed and capable of storing large SUV vehicles up to 3 Tons in weight.
SPT provides incomparable technical expertise
Extensive material handling background with the demanding Automotive Industry
All aspects of the project is handled by experts in Sri Lanka.
Our Pallet-Less system means there is less cost involved with less parts to maintain